Linda Sparrowe

Writer, Content Consultant, Teacher

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YOGA IS NOW: Embodying the Teachings



Yoga is a body-based meditation practice, one that allows us to experience the ancient teachings in every part of our being—including our muscles and bones, breath, mind and heart. It gives us an opportunity to be still and listen deeply and it also invites us to move, stretch, strengthen and enjoy our physicality.As vinyasa teachers, we want to introduce and expand upon the concepts found in the Yoga Sutra, the Bhagavad Gita, and other seminal texts. But how can we do that in classes that move quickly—arising, abiding, and dissolving with every inhale and exhale, leaving us little time for explanations?

In this all-day workshop, we’ll explore several ways of weaving narrative and pose instructions together to help students (and ourselves) embody the wisdom and understand it on a deep, visceral level. Through asana practice, discussion, journaling, and an asana lab, you’ll learn how to:

• Create a home practice for yourself, one that will enhance your connection to yourself and your understanding of the teachings

• Unpack some of your favorite themes, learn new ones, and explore how to incorporate them into a class structure

  • Hone the ability to show up for ALL students, no matter where they are in their journey, bringing this powerful practice to those who need it most.