Linda Sparrowe

Writer, Content Consultant, Teacher

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Accessible Yoga Conference—Toronto

  • Accessible Yoga Conference University of Toronto, Victoria College Toronto, Ontario CANADA (map)

YOGA IS NOW: How to Embody the Teachings and Live Life on Purpose

Clearly, yoga is more than asana; more than just the time we spend on our mat or our cushion. Yoga is about living life on purpose and with purpose; investigating all aspects of your life, not as abstract ideas, but as felt experiences. Yoga is NOW—in the middle of your crazy, mixed-up life—when everything is splendid and when nothing makes sense. Yoga invites you to enter into a loving relationship with all that you are—your joys, sorrows, traumas and history—so that you may be better able to share your gifts with the world.

In our 90 minutes together, come hear my rather unique take on the yamas and niyamas (and some of my other favorite Sutras). And then, let’s discuss how they can teach us to listen more deeply, connect more authentically, and serve others more reverently and on purpose.