Linda Sparrowe

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Susan and Linda (second and third from the left) with some of the fabulous students at the 2014 Restore, Refresh, Sustain retreat.

Susan and Linda (second and third from the left) with some of the fabulous students at the 2014 Restore, Refresh, Sustain retreat.

Read what our past retreat guests had to say about their Restore, Refresh, Sustain experience.

From Nancy M.

I loved the opportunity to practice yoga in such a lovely setting and completely away from reminders of everyday life. I really loved both Susan and Linda's teaching style and that they gave me "permission" to make the practice my own. I knew there was more to yoga than the physical practice, but I didn't know what exactly it was. 

The retreat impacted my life in so many ways and continues to inspire me; not only the experience itself, but the new friends I made and the personal meditation practice I’ve started. So nice to know that yoga and meditation aren't this unreachable, cult-like practice, but something that everyone can integrate into their own lives.  So much gratitude to have had this experience! 

From Michael H.

I didn't have much experience with yoga retreats or yoga but, upon the suggestion of a good friend, I went along with Susan and Linda to Costa Rica. It was near mid-winter, I was turning 60, and I was looking for some kind of change of scenery, mental attitude. I did not know what to expect. What I found was a wonderful group of warm, nonjudgmental, supportive, interesting and engaging people thrown together on a small farm at the edge of the jungle.

I found Linda and Susan to be extraordinary human beings… What I got out of the trip was lasting. I learned to meditate, and have continued every day from that time on. Probably because Linda says the effects are cumulative and I believe most of the aphoristic things she says. In addition, I have become more particular about the yoga instruction I am getting at home. I have actually, on several occasions, travelled many hours out of my way just to take classes from Susan or Linda.

From Kiri B.

Linda Sparrowe and Susan Kraft certainly know the art of yoga, but more than that, they know how to create a peaceful, kind, and inspiring retreat that will linger with you for a long time after you fly home. It's not just about the yoga, though they make sure all levels are comfortable, but about the total experience. While in Costa Rica, Linda and Susan made sure we got to see local sights, including the Arenal volcano, and planned group tours around the stunning grounds of Finca Luna Nueva. They were also always there to lend an ear if you happened to need one. Those of us who went on the Costa Rica retreat with Linda and susan are now bonded in a way that will last forever.

From Karen H.

When I first learned about the retreat, I thought it sounded like a great way to visit Costa Rica, something I'd always wanted to do. For me, the yoga was secondary--I hadn't practiced in several years! But as it turns out, the twice daily sessions were what I looked forward to the most. And that's saying a lot because Finca Luna Nueva was a beautiful experience in every way. Thanks Linda and Susan.