Linda Sparrowe

Writer, Content Consultant, Teacher


I hope the love and dedication you washed over our book comes back to you ten fold. You swept into this project like an angel from another world. I am forever grateful for the unique talent and light you've shined in my life. —Erica Jago, co-author Art of Attention and founder of JagoYoga

Linda is a pioneer in the field of yoga and women. Without a doubt, her work laid the foundation for my own -- through her wonderful book, The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health, and through her continued courage in opening a conversation around body image and yoga. She is a gem, and I am honored to be in community with her! —Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder | Curvy Yoga


Linda is a top-notch editor with a terrific grasp of the field of Women’s Health. She’s a pleasure to work with, and–as a yoga teacher herself–understands holistic medicine on a very deep level. —Carol Krucoff, Yoga Therapist, Duke Integrative Medicine

Linda is the most accessible, innovative and collaborative editor I have ever worked with, she is a true partner. Not only is Linda a wealth of information on all things mind, body and spirit but her true gift is in sharing what she knows with others. She is inspiring and makes even the most complicated subject matter simple to understand and use. She is a strong business collaborator, creating innovative programs and partnerships and is key when ‘closing the deal.’ —Katy Kinsella, Assoc. Publisher, New Hope Communications

Linda is at her best when she’s in the trenches with her staff, mentoring young editors and demanding editorial excellence. —Lauren Piscopo, former managing editor, Natural Solutions magazine


Linda's energy, teachings, support, power have reacquainted me with my body. Her gift to me has been giving me back my body to continue to use, improve, play with, and celebrate. Thank you is just not big enough and still…thank you! —Lynette (Courageous Women, Fearless Living retreat)

It is clear that Linda is a true yogini because she effortlessly marries deep wisdom with complete joy and delight. I know that she is also a great teacher and bodhisattva because every time I am lucky enough to spend time with her, we laugh and enjoy life, and when it is time to part ways, I realize that because of her generosity, I have grown wiser. —Margi Young, OM Yoga Teacher, San Francisco and New York

I attended a women's retreat that Linda led with two other women. Linda's presence is pure, open-hearted joy. She gave so much energy and loving attention to all in attendance at the retreat. Her morning yoga class had me feeling great through the whole day. I only wish I lived near Linda, I would attend her classes daily! —Kristina Hunter, Mill Valley Calif.


Linda understands that in writing, as in yoga, it’s not just what you do/say that is important, but how you do it or say it that matters.  Like making a hands-on adjustment in yoga class, she gently nudges me to dig deeper into my subject and then pinpoints the moment when I finally communicate clearly in my very own voice.  What a great way to learn how to write. —Cyndi Lee, Founder of OM Yoga (NYC) and author of May I Be Happy

I want to express my deep appreciation to Linda Sparrowe who not only encouraged me to write my book, but also spend many afternoons with me helping me become a better writer. –Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga