Linda Sparrowe

Writer, Content Consultant, Teacher

Linda has taught me so much about writing. Sometimes I can't figure out what it is I'm trying to say, but Linda always can. She has a way of reading between the lines and then gracefully, and in the most encouraging and friendly way, shows me how to connect the dots of my monkey mind writing. —Cyndi Lee, Founder of OM Yoga (NYC) and author of May I Be Happy


Linda Sparrowe been a magazine consultant for many years—for a variety of regional and national publications. She has worked with publishers, editors, managing editors, ad sales teams, and production staffs as needed, on both short- and long-term assignments. Linda’s primary strengths include editorial redesign, short- and long-range issue planning, scheduling, and marketing/ad sales strategies and initiatives. 

Linda thinks of herself more as a coach than a consultant. She loves facilitating discussions with a magazine staff, helping the team hone in on its mission and present that mission in print, on the web, and in marketing and promotion materials in a fresh, yet consistent way.  

Linda has designed and lead workshops and training sessions for special interest publications, focusing on editorial content and redesign; magazine positioning; mission refining; and issue brainstorming.

Over the years her clients have included Dance magazine; Young Dancer; Yoga International; Yoga Journal; Alternative Medicine magazine; HerbalGram; Intuition magazine; Spa magazine; SpaQuest; Tea Trade; and a host of others. 

Mentoring and Coaching

Besides her work in magazines, Linda has been a mentor and coach for writers, yoga teachers, and women in all stages of their lives for more than 20 years. In her writing workshops (Finding Your Voice: The Yoga of Writing) and in private sessions, she has helped countless writers find their voice and, equally important, find the perfect audience for their offerings.

Linda also works with teachers and teachers-in-training in a multitude of ways, including as an expert on women's health at teacher trainings and as a private coach, who helps teachers incorporate the deeper aspects of yoga into their teachings and into their own lives. Contact her at for details.